The campaign begins in the Paladinate of Umbrandin, a vestige of the once mighty Kingdom of Arden, now largely subjugated by the Goblinoid Goguls to the south. St Syrill had prophesied Arden’s demise and had seeded a series of monastic communities along Westernesse’s coast which have become the backbone of the new paladin kingdom of Umbrandin. Establishment of the kingdom was no easy task. Survivors of the exodus from Arden had been enslaved by a great Mage, Onekinde, and it was only through the heroic efforts of the Solarian Paladin Branduin that they managed to overthrow his rule. This new kingdom holds strongly to the influence of the Solarian cult, proponents of goodness and virtue and eschewing all that is wicked, especially the domains of the demonic, chaos and sorcery.


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