History of Westernesse

Not much is known of the long history of the Westerlands but that which is known is preserved in the libraries at the Monastery of Cir Umbin. For the few acolytes that still consider it a profitable habit to study the Annals of St. Syrill, a story emerges as tragic as any bard’s tale.

Penned by Syrill himself, the Annals open with a tale of great fire, “as if the Hells themselves had erupted out of the depths of the earth”. He goes on to recount, describing in great detail, how these fires “smote everything upon the land and sea”. Out of this fire was borne a twisted broken world full of all the evils that escaped out its depths. This was the Great Judgment that befell the Elderfolk, those who dwelt in the land from time immemorial but had ruined it with their ceaseless wars and their crooked magic.

Prior to the coming of the Solarian Cult the Kingdoms of Arden had, in their pride, been lured into the comfortable beds of excess and debauchery. Their Kings no longer looked to their responsibilities, guarding their people from the cruel miseries of life but instead looked to their own fancy.

Year By Solarian Reckoning
0 Founding of The Order by St. Syrill the Wise.
- Syrill founded the Order of Solis and laid the corner stone of the monastery of Cir Umbin on the Isle of Ulan. Syrill famously prophesied the fall of the line of Arden and the coming time of chaos.

12 1st Plague – The Great Darkness. The first of the 9 plagues spoken of by Syrill as a mark of the beginning of the end times.
Prophesied plagues
- Darkness
- Boils
- Drought
- Famine
- Pestilence
- Flood
- Murder
- Earthquake
- Barrenness
- Ice
- Fire
- War

13 Death of St Syrill

15 Founding of The Order of Iron Mace – St Barthomas founds the order as a redoubt against repeated goblin incursions in the lands of Arden.

24 2nd Plague – The Dark Plague of the Silver Moons. The second of the prophesied plagues, coinciding with the simultaneous dual lunar eclipses. A plague of boils and fever kills nearly half of the population of the Westerlands.

33 The sacking of the Monastery of Cir Umbin by Seafarers of Westersea.

34 Founding of The Order of Eastern Knights.

45 St. Norbert defeats a large raiding party from Westersea, effectively ending further incursions from the north by sea.

48 3rd Plague – Drought

54 The Mage Onekinde sets up his fastness in Adaman’s Spire.

79 Oeoyn the Hard unites the southern goblin tribes under his rule.

86 The collapse of Kingdoms of Arden and the beginning of the Dark Years.

88 Rescue of the Northfolk from Oeoyn the Hard. After protracted war with the Goblin tribes a small group of Northfolk escape to Umbrandin at the invitation of the Mage Onekinde.

96 4th Plague – Famine

105 Banishment of Branduin and secret exile amongst the monks of the Isle of Ulan.
- Branduin, grandson of Baranor the Strong, arose from the slumber that enchanted his people and rose up against Onekinde, only to be forced to flee for his life. He managed to escape and found refuge amongst the monks of the Isle of Ulan. There he was trained in honor and war craft and joined the Order of the Eastern Knights, meanwhile secretly raising an army to return to Umbrandin in force one day.

135 Defeat of the Mage Onekinde by Branduin and his forces at the Battle of the Barren Fields (First Orkish War).

137 Death of Branduin

148 Second Orcish War.

149 Defeat of the Southern Goblins (Ogruk’ai) at the Battle of Cloven Shields.

151 Third Orcish War.

152 Relief of the Siege of Midmarche.

154 Establishment of the Bishopric of Westernmoste.

159 Repair of the Eastern Wall completed.

171 Raids of Buluk begin.

175 Present day

History of Westernesse

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