The Paladinate of Umbrandin
Language: Northcommon, Dialect: Lanconic
In the elder days, the Mage Onekinde delivered the Northfolk from Oeoyn, but their lives were spared for ill rather than out of kindness. Branduin was exiled and his folk enchanted, toiled for Onekinde for nearly a generation, building the great fortress of Brendunin. But in his last years Branduin came out of exile rousing his people up to overthrow Onekinde. The Masters of Solis overturned the dark magic of Onekinde, but even though he was defeated they were unable to drive Onekinde from the city, instead he escaped to the upper halls of Adaman’s Spire where, now imprisoned, he awaits plotting some future malice.
Though mortally wounded, Brendunin lived for nearly two more years. Long enough to secure the passage of rulership to his sons Aeolas, Enomas, Dellius, and Uneraas. Brendunin himself was buried in the high halls of the Spire of Herronius, some 40 years ago.

Uneraas, Guardian of the Faith
Cardinal Cargill the Fair – Umbrahir
Bishop Norgood the Elder – Abbey Isle of Ulan
Medonir the Fair – Ulan

Umbrandin is a Paladinate, a religious monarchy, ruled as a co-regency, with power shared by four brothers:
Aeolas, Defender of the Citadel – Aeolas guards over the Great Citadel and manages its day-to-day activity.
Enomas, Keeper of the Gate – Lord over the Kingshold and defender of the gates of the realm. Enomas has, in his jurisdiction, the defense of the outer walls and the lesser citadels of Leegate, Midgate and Hoarding. His seat is at the ancient keep at tol Isboreth.
Dellius, Captain of the Guard – Dellius sole responsibility is to guard over Adaman’s Spire and ensure the perpetual imprisonment of the mage Onekinde.
Uneraas, Guardian of the Faith – Uneraas, the eldest son, cares over the Palidinate. He has various titles including “Guardian of the Faith” as titular leader of the Solis cult, “Sheppard of the Council of Ulan,” presiding over the annual council at the monastery at Ulan where oaths of fealty from it’s vassals are reaffirmed and discussion of concerns of the realm are undertaken, and “Usher General” of the Usher’s Guild. He holds court at the stronghold of tol Inoreth.

Umbrandin keeps no standing army except for 13 guards who are tasked to Dellius, Captain of the Guard. All other military responsibility is managed by Umbrandin’s Lords who task their own men at arms for defense of their fiefdoms in exchange for a seat at the general council. Lords of the realm include:
The Great Citadel of Umbrandin – Aeolas, Defender of the Citadel
Abbey Isle of Ulan – Tenell the Sage
The Freehold –
Kingshold -
The Bishopric of Ness – Bishop Zander Oakenfolde
The Bishopric of the Marche –
The Bishopric of Westernmoste –
The Bishopric of Southmoste -

Civilian Order
The judiciary is an arm of the Solis Cult and maintains a force of sheriffs that ensure civil order.

The Ushers’ Guild
Alternatively a guild of sorts, the Ushers’ Guild, manages proactive defensive measures intended to direct those interested in adventure to do so in a manner benefiting the Realm. The organization is monopolistic and guards its monopoly carefully. Anyone interested in adventuring must register with the guild or face stricture. Freelancing is not tolerated. Anyone caught freelancing will be “persuaded” to repent and invited to make penance. Persistent failure to comply will result in an appearance before The League of Inquisitors to determine the accused’s level of guilt and appropriate punishment. The League maintains an Inquisitor Regis, whose office executes summary judgments at its discretion. Participation in the guild carries certain rights and responsibilities.
Annual Dues Assoc. Fee
Novice 10 gp 40%
Member 100 gp 25%
Usher 300 gp 10% Ushers get top keep 25% of an adventure’s take they are organizing.
Usher Primus 1000 gp -1%
Usher General - -20%

The Guild also maintains a market in the guildhall adjoining the Central Market. Inquiries about admission to the guild are made here. Ushers or their representatives meet here informally when attempting to garner interest in an adventure they are organizing.

The Bishopric of Westernmoste
The Bishopric of Westernmoste is ruled over by Lord Galladric the Avenger, who is a loyal fief of Umbrandin. As a young man he was an acolyte of the monks of the Isle of Ulan but gave up serving the order after the call to arms leading up to the Third Goblin War. He proved himself valorous by leading the attack that relieved the siege on the Citadel of Midmarche. Tales of him cleaving the head of Grishnor, the goblin Chieftain and slaying Grishnor’s three sons grow ever greater with each retelling. With Grishnor and his heirs dead the goblin menace had diminished for a time but as their numbers are increasing so are related “incidents.” Galladric was granted a title and a landholding on the Western Shores under the auspices of the newly formed Bishopric of Westernmoste and very quickly attracted a large following. Galladric is in the midst of an extensive building project, building a motte along the Bishopric’s frontier, with the hope of being able to control the number of hostile raids along the Marmwoode. As well as building the motte, Galladric has begun a more proactive campaign to deal with these incursions by raising “hunting” parties. These parties are secretive affairs aimed at locating and destroying goblin camps. Employment in these parties is by invitation only since the undertaking falls outside the purview of Umbrandin’s Ushers’ Guild.

The Orders of the Solis
The Order of Solis is a cult worshipping “the two suns which are one.” The cult is comprised of several branches including:
The Order of the Isle of Ulan (Order of the Setting Sun), a contemplative monastic order devoted to reflection and scholarship in the paths of truth and light. This is the founding order of the cult and is presided over by Bishop Norgood the Elder
The Order of Eastern Knights (Order of the Rising Sun), the military arm of the cult, committed to upholding chivalrous virtue in the defense of the faith and the faithful.
The Order of the Eternal Path (Order of the Ascending Sun), a mendicant order devoted to spreading the faith through charitable acts.
The Order of the Darkened Path (Order of the Moons), a secret order devoted to the protection of the faith and by extension to the destruction of the powers that hold sway in the dark places of this world. “The moons that light the night.” There are two branches of this order;
The Knights of Cellebim – This order predates the Eastern Knights and was the original military arm of the Monastery of Ulan. They answer only to its abbot and are comprised of a surprising spectrum of individuals within Umbrandin.
The League of Lysecum
The League of the Silent Brethren – Their symbol is a red rose with a detatched petal – This far-reaching league tries to maintain control of all the disparate priories and parishes that are politically autonomous from Umbrandin but are within the ecclesiastical control of the Order of Solis. These include:
1. Priory of Skjerk (Order of the Iron Mace) – The most southerly of Solarian orders, Led by Friar Beardemonte
2. Priory of Engarte
3. Order of the Firebrand
4. Priory of Arne
5. Priory of Beauly
6. Priory of Norrehede
7. Agion of Mt. Montoros
8. Priory of Ende – Bishop Hardrid the Fair
Entry into this order requires a period of testing, a seven year vow of silence. Only those with the necessary self-control are considered worthy of the responsibility commensurate with this duty.


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