Mendicants Leave

6th Freschar, 175 BSR
The Owlbears have been dispersed and the mendicants from Westernesse have made leave through the mine workings and on to the Priory of Ende. I hope they make their journey in safety. The folke of Garrgar are certainly sorry to see them leave. They have managed a task which hath evaded us for some time, and should be proud for it. That, and they have made a hero of my dear servant Otterby. I can’t really call him a servant any longer! I think he has finally found the strength within himself at last (and in his throwing arm). I imagine there’ll be no stopping him now except for an occasional pint or two maybe. That said, here’s a drink to them, may Gods speed and a warm bed be a waiting for them.

Fenein the Lucky



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