Cecile Meadows

Bard - Level 2


Bramblethorn Chug-Baggins grew up in the small Meadowlands settlement Long Hole Over the Hill. Her family owned a sheep farm that turned just enough profit to provide for the family’s needs. Bramblethorn was never much of a farmer and preferred sitting atop the Hill singing songs her mother had taught her. She dreamt of seeing the big cities the songs described, with kings and princesses and warriors.

One day this dream came true, though Bramblethorn would never have wished for such a calamity. During a particularly difficult winter, orcs raided Long Hole Over the Hill. They killed many in the village and stole all sheep and crops the halflings owned. Bramblethorn’s mother kept in touch with her cousins in Tarne, who suggested they move South. The Bishopric of Westernmoste needed labourers to work on the new moat, and might hire a strong farmer like Bramblethorn’s father.

So, Bramblethorn’s dream of seeing a big city was realized. Bramblethorn acquired her new name on the way to Westernmoste. She found that many people at inns and on ships enjoyed her songs, and some would even give her coppers for the pleasure of hearing them. As the demography steadily changed from halfling to human, Bramblethorn received more and more teasing for her name. Eventually she began to introduce herself by her mother’s name, Sweet Cecile, which when shortened to Cecile sounded much more human.

When the family arrived at Westernmoste, her father began working on the moat and her mother took washing work for extra coin. Cecile was left largely to her own devices, and spent her days exploring the city. She soon found work singing for weddings and funerals and was able to add to the family earnings. However, Cecile found this work dull. She wanted to see the great characters from her songs. The city was not what she had dreamt of; it did not hold the adventure she sought. That is, until one day she met a cleric, paladin, and monk from the Isle of Ulan.

Cecile Meadows

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